What Printing Services Are Available in the Law Library?


Printer Locations & Printing Cost

Printing is available on the second floor of the Library. The Law Library has monochrome (black, white, and gray) and color laser printers. The printers are located in the computer workstation area.

For monochrome printing, the cost is $0.06 per page for the default duplex printing, and $0.10 per page for singled-sided copies. For color printing, the cost is $.50 per page.

UMB students, faculty, and staff, may use their UMB One Card for printing. Visitors may purchase a copy card for $1.00 from the UMB One Card Station in the imaging room on level 2 of the library.

GoPrint System

To print in the Law Library, you must use the Library's GoPrint print management system. With GoPrint, you can send monochrome print jobs to the Library’s printers from any Library computer or your personal computer. For color printing, you must use the designated computer in the Library to send print jobs. 

When using GoPrint to print, your documents are held in a queue until you release them for printing at a GoPrint station. GoPrint stations are located next to the printers in the computer workstation area in the Library. There are separate GoPrint stations for the monochrome and color printers. 

Instructions for installing and setting up GoPrint on your personal computer are available for both Macs and PCs:

For more information, including video tutorials, please see the Technology for Students web page.

GoPrint Printing Instructions

To print your document using GoPrint, do the following:

  1. Open your document and select "Print" (typically found on your app's "File" menu).
  2. Send your document to the GoPrint computer. If you are using a Library computer, the the printer will have a name beginning with "Go2." If printing from your personal computer (if you installed GoPrint), the GoPrint printer will have the name you gave it when you installed it.
  3. Go to the GoPrint station located near the printers in the Library's computer workstation area.
  4. The GoPrint stations have a touchscreen monitor that displays buttons for any computer that has a print queue. Select your computer and then select your print job.
  5. Follow the prompts to release and pay for your print job. When you are prompted to pay, swipe your UMB One Card or copy card in the card reader attached to the GoPrint station.
  6. After paying for print job, your document should print for the printer.

For more information on document reproduction services, please see the Library's Services for Students web page. You may also ask for help with printing at the Library’s User Services Desk located near the main entrance of the Law Library.

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